October 8, 2014

Castor oil as a laxative

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Usually first association when someone says castor oil is person running to the toilet while face of that person is covered in sweat! In reality things are a bit different. But first, a little introduction ... Castor oil is one of the best and easiest natural ways to quickly resolve constipation. The reason for this is ricinoleic acid, which is very rare in nature and in castor oil more then 90% of the content is this rare acid! This acid is main reason why the castor oil is so beneficial. One table spoon of castor oil after a meal is enough to clean out the intestines.

Castor oil as a laxative

You have to be very careful when it comes about consumption of castor oil has. If you consume too much of this magical oil it can lead to dehydration of body. The amount of oil that is enough to resolve constipation may vary and it depends on how many pounds you have, how much do you move and how old you are! Fastest effect of castor oil as a laxative you will have if you are physically active! Castor oil will very thoroughly clean up your intestine after consumption of just one dose! Oil will make your stool more liquid. Castor oil has no side efects, it is neutral and it will colm down your belly.
castor oil laxative
Ricinoleic acid is reason why this oil stimulates the intestine and resulting in purifying them. The oil also serves as a lubricant! It lubricates the intestines and getting rid of the stool without straining. If your are consirned how much time do you have to get to the toilet after consuming castor oil, effect is NOT instant! Reaction after consumation oil is not instantaneous! Normal reaction occurs in the period of one to three hours after consuming but it may vary depending of your weigh, physical activity and age! And of course, as you can see like on pictuure on right, you need to be very close to toilet!

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