October 9, 2014

Castor oil for hair

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Castor oil for hair

Castor oil gives your hair healthy look and makes it stronger! But it also can speed up hair growth and can make your hair start growing again! Castor oil is thickly with golden yellow colour! Castor oil is produced from cold pressed castor plant seeds! Reason why this magnificent  oil is so nutrient is because it contains ricinoleic acid which have regenerative ability but is very rare! This oil also has very strong antibacterial ability!
Castor oil helps your hair in numerous ways:
  • It has hydrating effect on your hair and scalp! Castor oil has huge penetration power and because of this it goes deep into your scalp! Because of this, it reaches down into roots of your hair and penetrate inside your hair from its root! Other oils for hair only ability to foil over hair and have no effect on inner parts of hair!
  • Castor oil have ability to encourage hair growth even on places that hair stop to grow!
  • If you use it on regular bases, it can repair your damaged hair caused from chemicals! Omega-6 acid will make your hair strong and shiny!
  • Castor oil keep moisture on place where you put it!

castor oil for hair

How to put castor oil on hair?

Best effects of castor oil for hair is if you put it on hair just after you washed your hair! Hair needs to be moist! It is not good to put too much oil on hair because it will make it to sticky and you will make a mess! When you put oil on hair you should only put it on your scalp or hair ends. After you put it on hair, put a towel, plastic bug or bathroom hat on head. This way you won't make a mess in your home! Leave castor oil on your hair for two hours. During this time, your hair, scalp and hair root will receive enough nutrients! After this period of time, wash your hair and that is it! In couple od days or weeks your and everybody else will notice the difference!

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