October 15, 2014

Castor oil for striae

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

You have issues with striae or stretch marks? They don't look nice and you want to get rid of them? There are many products out there that are reducing striae but they are usually not cheap. There are much more cheaper and more simple solution for your problem! Of course, we are talking about castor oil! Castor oil for striae is not very common to use just because there is no cosmetic industries behind it!

What are striae actually?

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Striae are scars created during rapid skin stretching! As your body grows, your skin is stretching too. But usually body grows at much higher rate then skin can stretch. Because of that skin breaks and striae is created at that break point. Striae are usually getting in puberty when body rapidly grows and in pregnancy when belly is rapidly growing! Woman generally has more problems with striae because of pregnancy and breast growing during puberty. They are located in these areas: bottom, ties, belly, breasts and upper arms!

How to stop striae from creating?

It is very difficult to stop striae from creating. This would mean that you have to control muscle and fat tissue growing and that is almost impossible because are body are design to grow during puberty and pregnancy! There is no way to order muscle to stop growing! But we can do something else! We can make skin more elastic so that breaking of skin is reduced to minimum! There are lots of product for striae prevention but using castor oil can make your skin elastic as well! Castor oil is maybe best because it makes your skin elastic, renewing it and regenerating it!

How to remove striae?

In case that you already have striae, then you need to know one BIG truth! Striae are impossible to remove by using oils and creams. Because they are basically scars, they can not be removed with out surgery. For those who got money, laser surgery give really good results! Even dough then cannot be removed, they can be reduced! One of best natural ways to do this is by using castor oil! Rub castor oil on striae. Because castor oil has regenerative character it improves skin regeneration and reducing striae!

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