October 13, 2014

Castor oil for cleansing face - DIY recipe

Monday, October 13, 2014

How to cleanse your face with castor oil? DIY recipe is here!!! This is combination of castor and olive oil! This will make wonders to you!!!Castor oil will go deep into your skin makes it healthy and clean and olive oil will make it moist and shinny!

Magical ingredients

- 2 cups of castor oil
- 2 cups of olive oil

Easiest way it to create this it to put it into bottle and simple shake it until oils mix together! It takes less then 1 minute to shake it! That is it!!! Castor and olive oil oil mixture is finished!

How to put castor and olive oil mixture on face?

castor oil for cleansing face
What do you need: 2 clean towels
On cotton or towel put some oil mixture and gently rub on your face. It would be very good if your take your makeup off before rubbing oil on face! If you didn't take it off, do not vary, oil will take it off! When oil is all over you face, leave it like for couple of minutes. Use clean towel and put it in hot water. Squeeze water out and put wet towel on your face.Leave towel for 30 seconds on your face.  Wet towel with remove rest of oil that your skin could not absorb leaving you skin clean and beautiful. If you did not remove all oil from face, repeat process with wet towel. You can use same towel.
If you can do this cleansing once a day you will see results in a week!

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