October 14, 2014

Castor oil for nails

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Your are not satisfied with your finger nails? Nails are not strong enough and they always crack even dough you tried everything? These is simple solution and it's calls castor oil for nails!!!

Castor oil for nails

Most people do not know but castor oil is one of the healthiest oils! It can regenerate damaged skin and hair, make hair grow again,etc. High percentage of ricinoleic acid and vitamin E are responsible for that! It can repair hair, cleanse your face, make your eyelashes and eyebrows grow faster, make your nails stronger and thicker! If you want your nails to be stronger you should do the following! This is most simplest way! First wash your hands. Dry them! Put castor oil on nails. You can do it by using cotton or simply by using your fingers. Rub castor oil into nails. It takes some time for nails to absorb castor oil. 20 minutes is enough.
Castor oil for nails
Rest of the castor oil take out with cotton or paper towel. Because castor oil has ability to go deep into skin and nails, it will regenerate your nails! First result you will see in a couple of days. Your nails will be again strong and shiny!

99% nail cream are bases on castor oil

There are many nail creams that will repair your nails! But if you read ingredients in then you will probably see that they have castor oil inside! They are usually combination of castor oil and some other nutrients like olive oil and honey!

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