January 20, 2015

Stretch marks removal - natural and easy with castor oil

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

In case that you have stretch marks then you are probably wondering how to reduce or even remove them. But what stretch marks are and why some people have then and some don't? In case that you want to prevent making of stretch marks or remove them there is one natural product that can help you with it! Castor oil! Because it has such good regenerative properties castor oil is excellent for skin regeneration! Stretch marks removal can be very hard because scars is very hard  to vanish!

What stretch marks are?

Stretch marks are actually skin scars. How to we get stretch marks? We get stretch marks when are skin cant expand fast enough due to rapid tissue growth. Reason for this is because skin is now elastic enough. People usually get stretch marks during puberty when body is growing fast. Women are more effected by stretch marks because besides puberty, women have massive body transformation during pregnancy. Most effected areas for stretch marks are :
  • legs
  • arms
  • belly
  • butt

How to prevent stretch marks?

There is not much what we can do when are body starts to grow. Only thing you can do is to make your skin more elastic. You can do this by using various creams and lotions for skin to be more elastic! All natural oils is very good for this. Castor oil for stretch marks is maybe best because castor oil has excellent healing properties and can remove and heal micro scars!

Stretch mark removal with castor oil

In case you already have stretch marks, you can reduce your stretch marks by using various lotion. Most of them use castor oil. You have to be realistic about stretch mark removal. It is extremely difficult to remove old skin scars by using non invasive methods. You can reduce them but they will never really go away. Best way to naturally reduce stretch marks is by rubbing castor oil into damaged areas. It will take time for results to came but don't give up! Stretch mark removal castor oil is very natural way to reduce and even remove scars!  

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