October 7, 2014

Castor oil plant

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Castor oil plant you must have seen in someone backyard but just did not know that that beautiful plant is castor oil plant! Origin of this plant is Africa but in time castor oil plant was spread to Asia, Europe and America. Plant can live one or two years depending of climate. Plant has fully developed body. In tropical areas it can grow in really big plant up to  30 feet high! In normal climate it can grow up to 6 feet high. Most people grow castor oil plant as just decorative yard plant! In some local area this plant goes under different name! All though this plant is very nice it is one of most poisoness plant in the world. You should not in any case consume any part of castor oil plant! Cold pressed castor seeds oil is not poisoness and it can be used for human conssumation.

Castor oil plant - how does it look

castor oil plant
Most impressive thing about castor oil plant is its big red leaves! All thought some sorts have green leaves, most common are with red leaves! During its lifetime leaves colour changes from green to red! Root system is very large and it can go up to 6 feet in to the ground! Flowers of castor plant are from several inches to 2 feet long. This depends of castor plant sort and climate. Flowers are male and female so for castor plant to grow seeds one plant is sufficient! Flower grows in to  fruit. Fruit has small spikes. Inside fruit are three seeds. Seed of castor oil plant are most similliar to a been! In one

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