October 7, 2014

Obtaining castor oil

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Castor oil has various usage in many aspects of life! It has very high viscosity, minimal change of its features depending of temperature, on temperature bellow zero Celsius it is still in liquid state and does not dry when in contact with air. Because all of this Castor oil is excellent for industrial usage! It has large appliance in leather and textile industries! It is also used for manufacturing synthetic rubber, artificial skin and other plastic substances, in cosmetic industries for manufacturing soups and other products! Cold pressed Castor oil is used for human consumption. In some countries it is used as salad oil!

Obtaining Castor oil

castor oil
For human consummation it is savee to use onlyy cold pressed Castor oil! Cold pressed is procedure of getting liquid part of something by just putting pressure on it with no adding heating or some third substance! In this way oil from olives is produced. This way of production is consider to be very best method and most healthy of getting any oil! In this way all good things that are stored inside of seed will remain in oil! You can press seeds several times. There is something called virgin oil. In case that you do not what that is it is oil from cold pressed seeds but only from first time pressing! Castor oil can be cold pressed oil or virgin cold pressed oil!

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